Over 20 years direct experience in International Medical Insurance and Assistance, Hospital Administration Management, Occupational Health, Residential Care Homes, Clinics and related Healthcare entities. Across 4 continents, we have experienced and understand the difficulties and issues that confront such business entities on a daily basis.


Our ‘Cloud’ technology will optimise the internal efficiency of your business, whilst increasing your competitive advantage through ‘real-time’ connectivity globally.

Scalability and accessibility of our solutions provide you with the opportunity and freedom to develop your business in new, even remote, locations and new market segments.

Secure and reliable access to pertinent information when you need it, in your office, on the road or, at home.

Transparency and visability of data for your clients on demand, facilitates the building of a stronger, trustworthy and longer lasting business relationship.


‘inSKY’ provides your business the opportunity to dynamically re-invent and re-align itself. Through our consultative approach and expansive industry knowledge, we can work with you to help re-engineer and achieve the most productive, cost effective outcome.

“We provide you with alternatives that free you and your business to expand in line with your goals, vision and strategy”.

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